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Our Policies

We abide by certain terms and conditions, and these are listed below:

  1. We care for women’s health thus, our pills are medically approved and effective
  2. To get abortion pills make sure to check your gestation week, it should be up to 9 weeks
  3. Only 18 years and above can order from our store.
  4. You are advised to take care of cybersecurity on your end for additional protection
  5. Our website is SSL secured and we take all measures to maintain our sites free from any third party intervention.
  6. We do not permit false endorsement of medicines available on our platform, nor are we responsible for anyone taking an overdose or unfollowing the prescription advice.

The safety of our customers is our top priority, so we respectfully ask that they read our prescription policy before making a purchase. The following points are part of the PrivacyPillRx prescription policy. Customers, please take note that the terms of our prescription policy are listed below:

  1. Customers must provide a prescription letter from a licensed physician
  2. Any information on the PrivacyPillRx website is not a substitute for a prescription letter.
  3. Customers are asked to refrain from interpreting the recommendations as prescriptions.
  4. The prescription letter needs to be written in English.
  5. Customers can upload a digital copy of the prescription letter or a snapshot of it on our email

  1. We have the facility for different shipping speeds and methods for our customers. As per your choice and need, you can choose the one you want. We also give a proper bifurcation of payment on the bill, which contains the total cost of the package along with a breakdown of the product cost and the charges for shopping. The cost of shipping comprises charges for handling, packaging, and delivery.
  2. Do enter the correct billing and shipping address at the time of placing the order. You will benefit from encrypted technology for transactions on our platform. We assure to not share or disclose any personal details you share with us like your name, contact, communication information, address, email address, etc. because we respect your privacy and security.
  3. We Have Various Shipping Methods for Your Convenience:
  4. We have a global shipping system. Also, we deliver to every location in the United States, even if it is a remote area.
  5. Those residing in the United States can opt for Overnight Shipping. Here, you can get the product delivered in 2 to 4 business days.
  6. If you choose Express Shipping, you will receive the medicines in 6 to 8 business days.
  7. And Regular Shipping options provide delivery in 12 to 15 days.
  8. You may select the shipping speed as per your need and wish to receive the medicines according to a suitable timeline.
  9. You will get the products in a discreet package. All the pills from our store are professionally handled and checked for quality before disbursal.
  10. Upon getting confirmation of payment, our team will send you an email to your registered email address with details of the order, its confirmation, and details, along with the shipping information, and the order tracking id with which you can keep a track of your order. If you do not see the email in your inbox, then please check your Spam and other folders.
Please Note

*If the order delivery is delayed because of unforeseen situations such as natural calamities, local strikes, disasters, holidays, or festivals, and likewise, we are not to be held responsible.

*The same goes for order delivery failure or delay because you provide us with an incorrect address.

*The product if undelivered because of the unavailability of anyone receiving the package at your address, will go back to our warehouse. And if you wish us to ship the medicine again, then you have to bear the re-shipping charges.

  1. We have immense respect for the time you spend in our store. Your privacy comes first, and we prioritize it no matter what. Here is what our Privacy Policy entails:
  2. You have to register on our platform and then order the medication from us. We will protect any sensitive details you provide us. You can stay updated with your order details and track the order from your profile section.
  3. We strive to safeguard the information you share and do not misuse it. You will have to share specific personal details, addresses, and contact information when you register at our pharmacy.
  4. We will need an e-prescription in the English language for every order you place in our store. Please go through our prescription policy for better awareness. We do not share your prescription details with any unconcerned third party.
  5. We apply cookies to enhance your shopping journey of buying online abortion pills. However, the features, facilities, and services on our platform are still accessible even if you disallow the cookies.
  6. We have a secured payment gateway in place and even if you pay for the medicines through a credit card and have to enter its details, the same remain safe and are not misappropriated. All the transactions happening on our site are secured as well.
  7. With SSL security, we offer you safe browsing and protect your interests. But if any threats originate from an external link or source, we do not accept responsibility for the same.
  8. We believe that trust is two-way. Thus, we thank you for relying on us and simultaneously wish to inform you that all the required policy terms and sections are available on our platform. You can keep a check on it. Also, details and prices in the store can change at any time without notice. To note the recent changes, check for the needful at your convenience.
  9. If you have any queries, then reach out to us on Live Chat, which is open 24 x 7. We are here to support you and hear you out. Do note that any conversation held stays private, so you can trust us and order the pills even after a discussion with our team.

  1. We believe in informing our customers about order cancellation norms beforehand. This helps to know what to expect if you wish to cancel the order placed. Here are the related terms and conditions that you must go through before buying medicines from our store:
  2. If you want to cancel the order, then from your registered email address, drop us an email on our official email id with the reason for the request for cancellation and the order information.
  3. You can cancel the order only within 2 hours of the purchase. If you want to know about the refund policy, refer to the said policy page on our website.
  4. Cancellation requests cannot be accepted for any order that has already been shipped.
  5. If you have purchased medications on Overnight Shipping then that order cannot be canceled because we ship such orders immediately after receiving the payment confirmation.

  1. We offer an easy Refund Policy that suits the concerns of customers and makes for transparency between you and us. Please note how the refund works at our pharmacy:
  2. You can get a refund for orders placed on Express Shipping only if the cancellation happens within 2 hours of purchase.
  3. You cannot get any refund for orders placed and canceled on Overnight Shipping because such orders are shipped within 30 minutes after payment confirmation.
  4. We do not process refunds for orders that have been already delivered as it is impossible to understand the authenticity of the medicines after you get them.
  5. Refund and return requests are not allowed for orders that could not be delivered due to you providing us with an incorrect address. Thus, before making a purchase, please ensure the address you entered is accurate.
  6. In case you have any other doubts or questions about refunds, then get in touch with us on Live Chat or our official email address.