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Women go through a tough time while going over a complete abortion phase. It is very much difficult for her to experience such a period. However, to cope up with this situation and to provide mental peace many doctors recommend going for a Medical abortion rather than surgical abortion. Medical abortion involves pregnancy termination with the help of an abortion pill called Cytolog online.

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What is the working structure of Cytolog Abortion Pill?

Cytolog medicine works by narrowing the uterus and allowing the dead embryo to expel out with the help of vaginal bleeding. So after consuming the Cytolog medicine, you may experience heavy vaginal bleeding which is more than normal bleeding.

How to take Cytolog abortion pill?

To conclude a pregnancy until 8 weeks of gestation the abortion pills should be consumed as follows:1st you have to swallow the initial pill called Mifepristone 200 mg Then after having a gap of 24 to 48 hours you have to take the second pill which is Cytolog this pill comes in 800 mcg which has to be consumed by keeping it underneath your tongue or cheek pouches for about 30 minutes. After you have taken the Cytolog abortion pill you may experience contractions and then you may notice vaginal bleeding or spots.

What are some important points you need to consider?

In case if you notice less bleeding then anticipated so you can repeat the dose of abortion pill 3 hours after the first dosage. You have to take 2 pills of Cytolog 200 mcg and keep it beneath your tongue for 30 minutes then after completion of 30 minutes you can drink a glass of water and gulp the remaining content of the medicine. If you still do not notice any bleeding after repeating the dose, then you need to visit the medical expert

What are the side effects of cytolog pill?

The common side effects include:

  • Cramps and bleeding
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Stomach pain
  • Body pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Chills, etc.

You may most likely experience common adverse effects after using the cytolog abortion tablets, such as bleeding and cramps. These side effects are very common, and your experience may vary depending on your gestation duration as well as your physical condition.

Many women have mild to severe bleeding, such as big blood clots the size of a lemon.

The bleeding and cramps will subside gradually over time. While you may experience intermittent bleeding till you are finished with the abortion procedure. It does, however, range from modest to high flow. Some people get typical monthly bleeding, while others just experience minor spotting.

However, if you are not experiencing bleeding and cramps within 24 hours, you should seek medical attention. Similarly, if a heavy bleeding symptom causes you to use at least two to three maxi sanitary pads every day, you should see a physician.

Some side effects may go on its own and some may stay for 2-5 days till the pregnancy tissue is completely passed. However if Some side effects do not go or get severe then immediately consult the medical practitioner.

In what cases the Online Cytolog abortion pill is contraindicated?

Administration of the abortion pill is contraindicated in the patients who persist the following problems;

  • Presumed or confirmed an Ectopic pregnancy
  • Allergy to Mifeprex or Cytolog
  • Installed an IUD
  • Migraine issues
  • Uncontrolled asthma
  • Corticosteroid, anticoagulant therapies
  • Chronic adrenal failure
  • Inherited porphyria
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Loss of Appetite
Above mentioned symptoms is not a complete list of contraindications, however in case if you notice any other issues you can speak to your health care advisor as he can guide you with proper suggestions and other problems. See that before taking the abortion pills you have adequate access to the medical facilities as in some cases such as blood transfusions, incomplete abortion, and emergency resuscitation you may require emergency treatment.

What are some important precautions you should know before you buy abortion pill kit online

Some important precautions of abortion pill kit are listed below;

  • Avoid taking overdose: Do not take an overdose of this medicine as it may result in toxicity.
  • Concomitant drug: prevent from taking the abortion pill if you are on long term toxicity.
  • Smoking Habits: Avoid smoking while taking abortion pills

Where can you buy cytolog online?

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