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About FAQ's is a well-known online pharmaceutical website that assists and guides women on medical abortion. The company has been offering these services worldwide. Medicines sold on our websites are Medically approved and we assure the customers about the quality of the product and services as our main approach is customer satisfaction through our dedicated contribution.

Our store is also listed on Plan C, a leading and reputable source for informing people about abortion pills in the US. You can stay carefree about your confidentiality and security, as we do not share sensitive information with any third party. You can use multiple payment modes including a credit card to pay for the medicines. All the payments go through a secured gateway and your financial information is not interfered with.

Tapping the latest updates on abortion and bringing you a host of information about it, our experts are here to assist you with any queries that you may have. We offer guidance and professional advice without any charges. We intend to make you have a comfortable and stress-free journey to ending your unexpected pregnancy. If you need a listening ear or a helping hand, we are your virtual care provider.

Our vision is to make our website reach millions of women so that we can help them and support them in their tough phase of life.

Our mission is to provide quality medicine to our customers and support them with all our services and reach our milestone of becoming the best online e-pharmacy.

PrivacyPillRx is a reputable healthcare store for women and their needs, especially those related to pregnancy. We provide FDA-approved medicines and products for the end of an early pregnancy that is intrauterine and within 9 weeks of gestation. Here are the norms under our Disclaimer:.

  1. We offer expert advice on medical abortion and a huge resource about it, but these are not considered a replacement for professional advice. Customers are expected to follow the instructions of their healthcare provider.
  2. As a website for women’s reproductive health requirements, we are here to assist you and be there as support, but any information we share is not to be misinterpreted.
  3. Our website is SSL secured and we take all measures to maintain our sites free from any third party intervention.
  4. You are advised to take care of cybersecurity on your end for additional protection.
  5. We do not share sensitive data of our consumers with any unconcerned third-party.
  6. We are not accountable for any complications that the abortion causes or you may encounter due to pregnancy-related issues.
  7. Please make prior arrangements to ensure safe pregnancy termination at your discretion.
  8. In case of payment failure due to the internet or other issue, get in touch with the payment gateway for further queries. We are not to be held liable for a refund of canceled/failed payments.
  9. The information on our pharmacy is subject to change at any time as per the decision of the management. You need to check the website to stay updated with the latest details. The content and logo on our website must not be reused by anyone as these are copyrighted