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abortion pill online
abortion pill online
Important Update

PrivacyPillrx stands for Women's Healthcare and access to it without limitations. We are aware about the differences in opinions regarding abortion but as your Online Pregnancy Care Provider, we stay committed to providing Quality pills for pregnancy termination. Our store will support your needs through Thick and Thin.

To get abortion pills quickly, contact us today.

Most Ordered Pills

Some of our well known & best selling products are MTP Kit, Mifeprex, Mifepristone, Misoprostol, Generic RU486, Cytolog, etc. You can choose any preferable or recommended to you for terminating your unplanned pregnancy.

MTP Kit $200
Cytolog $40
Mifeprex $125
Misoprostol $40
Ru-486 $210

Buy Abortion Pills Online | Home Abortion Solution | PrivacyPillRx

Medical abortion is an affordable, convenient and discreet way of accessing pills to end an unplanned pregnancy. You can choose tele-abortion to order abortion pill online varieties such as MTP Kit, Mifeprex, Cytolog, Generic RU486, Mifepristone, Misoprostol, and others from our store. Medical termination has several benefits over surgical abortion. For instance, you do not have to get hospitalized or take anesthesia. Instead, self-administer the pills at home in comfort without an invasive procedure. There is complete privacy, as after confirming pregnancy through an ultrasound test, you can buy abortion pill at a cost-effective price. We provide abortion pills by mail or courier and the pills are effective if your pregnancy is within 9 weeks of gestation. Delivery can take 5-6 days. For any assistance or queries, you can reach our customer care service available 24/7.

Why are we PrivacyPillRx?

As the name goes, we aim that every woman who wants to end her early pregnancy can do it in the privacy of her own space, and get the medicines online quickly from our store.

There is no need to travel, we provide home delivery to your doorstep. There are no questions asked, we value your confidentiality. We use SSL security to safeguard web browsing.

Any interactions with customer service persons or experts stay between us and are not shared with third parties. We never endanger any sensitive data like your account and personal and financial information.

Our site has a secured payment gateway for transactions. Our team also sends the pills in securely wrapped discreet packaging so that the details of the contents are not revealed to outsiders.

Our pharmacy is listed on most renowned website Plan C

Plan C is a reputed healthcare information website in the United States that keeps you up-to-date with how people in the U.S. are accessing in-home termination. Apart from being an educational resource, they also list trusted providers of abortion pills on their website after verification. We are glad to announce that PrivacyPillRx is also listed on Plan C. As a women’s pregnancy care pharmacy, we serve the motto of meeting the abortion pill needs for females worldwide, including in the U.S. We have stringent quality check measures for the pills in place. With delivery the timeline of chosen shipping method, expert advice for abortion-related queries, and a caring approach toward the customers, we hope to ensure customer satisfaction.

Get Abortion Pills Delivered in 3-5 Days

Want to end your unplanned pregnancy? We have just the service for your needs, one that reaches you within a few days only. Yes, that’s very much possible. If you live anywhere around the world then you can receive the abortion pills at your doorstep in just 3 to 5 days.

We offer professionally handled pills through rigorous quality checks sealed in a discreet envelope to respect your privacy. You can make the purchase on a prescription. Do not forget to read our prescription policy before you choose to buy abortion pills online from us. Our platform is legit and follows transparent practices to ensure customers' safety and provide them with quality care.

You can opt for the fast-shipping service by mail and benefit from a comfortable end to your unwanted pregnancy in the most affordable way. General delivery and other shipping options are available. To know if you are eligible for the quick delivery facility, get in touch with us on live chat open 24 x 7 , or at our official email address.

What are the Compositions of the Abortion Pills?

It comprises 2 essential medicines which are Mifepristone and Misoprostol as a essential element. Overall includes 5 tablets in total which are:

  • 1 Tablet of Mifepristone 200 mg
  • 4 Tablets of Misoprostol 200 mcg

You can Buy Abortion pills Online with a Credit card or other payment options which are easily available on our website.

How to Buy Abortion Pills Online?

You can Buy Abortion Pills Online on at very affordable price and fast shipping . We deal in Medically certified and approved medicines so you can have the utmost trust in us. Customer satisfaction is our main motto so we have ample service on our website, including Express shipping, Overnight shipping, Hassle-free payment options, and many more.

How much is the Abortion Pill Cost?

The abortion tablet price is standard at our outlet. You can check out the abortion pills Misoprostol price across the internet to confirm the same. Being a trustworthy outlet, we offer abortion pills in a pharmacy cost and deliver the abortion pill through mail or courier to your desired address. You can buy MTP Kit online (1 unit) for $249 here . Bulk purchases will further reduce the abortion medicine price.

Similarly, you can buy Misoprostol for $200 (4 pills). The same will be the Cytotec abortion pill price. Again, if you go for Misoprostol order online in bulk, the cost will reduce. For instance, Misoprostol pills price for 8 tablets is $360 than $400. Here we want to mention that if you are near 5 to 9 weeks pregnant, then you may need an additional 400mcg Misoprostol dose.

Know about Key Benefits you get when you buy from Privacypillrx:

  • Get Easy payment with multiple options and secure payment gateways.
  • 24*7 Customer Support to resolve your doubts and answer your questions for any type of assistance you will require.
  • Get Medically Approved genuine products which are checked for quality in advance.
  • Reliable Data Privacy policy where we do not share your data or use it for any kind of promotion.
  • You will get High-quality Genuine Medications at an affordable price as we want to make safe medication accessible to more and more women.
  • We give you Multiple Shipping Options and make sure that you always get shipping in the promised time of your chosen alternative.
  • Your User-experience is important whether you buy medication from us or not. Providing valuable information on our website is a service that we take as seriously as giving safe medication.

Take Away:

So it is essential to have quick access to medical facilities last but not least women opting for pregnancy termination should be mentally and physically prepared and should not try to attempt an abortion alone. For any kind of assistance, our medical experts are always available. Thus with Privacypillrx have a safe and effective abortion in privacy.

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how to order abortion pills
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If your pregnancy week is up to 8-9 weeks then you can choose either medical or surgical abortion. The choice is totally upon you however, medical abortion offers you privacy and it can be done at home easily without going to the clinic. And if your pregnancy is more than 9-10 weeks then it is better to go for surgical abortion.

Yes, in medical abortion you can call your partner, family, or friends to stay along with you during your abortion process. They might provide you with support and care to feel much better.

Women who go for medical abortion require at least 2-4 days off from work. Also, for the first week after your abortion, it is recommended to avoid lifting heavy weights and workouts.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions which haunts most women. So here is the precise information on this. Research has shown that there is no effect on fertility after an abortion. Once you are done with your abortion you will get your periods back and you can be pregnant soon. Thus, to avoid pregnancy you can use protection or birth control pills recommended by your physician.

If you are breastfeeding, you should avoid it during medical abortion as it may pass on with the milk to the infant. So it is better to restore the milk and feed the child during the process.

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